Zwetelina Alexieva Jewellery

87/90 and 93/96 German and English studies in Sofia
1990/93 Goldsmith apprenticeship in Dusseldorf
Since 1993 Own workshop in Sofia
Work also as interpreter, project coordinator for international adult education programs
Member of Forum fur Schmuck und Design, Cologne
2011 "Winter roses", with Nikolay Sardamov, Angelina Tsvetkova and Dimitar Deltchev, Gallery Guthschmidt, The Hague
SODA Gallery, Istanbul
Sofia design week, Gallery Testa
Collect, with gallery Sofie Lachaert
Einfach Spitze, Handwerkskammer Hannover
Gallery Schulte-Hengesbach, Dusseldorf
2010 "3x2", ", with Nikolay Sardamov and Dimitar Deltchev, Gallery Mangold, Leipzig
"im Flug vergangen", art project of Galeriehaus Grosche and Ursula Commandeur, Castrop-Rauxel, in the frame of Ruhr 2010
"Couples", V&V Vienna
Object Rotterdam, with "kolektif", BG
2009 "what's new", group exhibition, Sofie Lachaert, Tielrode
2008 "Positions", Bulgarian Art, Ludvig Museum Koblenz
2007 "Jewellery from Bulgaria", with Nikolay Sardamov and Dimitar Deltchev, Gallery Guthschmidt, DenHaag
"Summer jewels: young designers", Galerie Treykorn, Berlin
"Taste", with Nikolay Sardamov and Dimitar Deltchev, Galeriehaus Grosche, Castrop-Rauxel
2006 "Nostalgia", with Nikolay Sardamov and Lili Ploskova, V&V Vienna
2005 "Taste: cooked jewellery", with Nikolay Sardamov, The Red House, Sofia
"Unique-einzigartig", Gedok Koln
"Picnic for 2", Galery Sofie Lachaert, Tielrode
2004 "Valuable Links-jewelry from 55 OSCE states", Maastricht, Sofia, Vienna
"Nature and Time", Hanau
2003 "5 Gramm Gold", Galerie Aurum-Frankfurt
2002 "Ost-West Dialog", Galerie Orfeo, Koln
2000 Galerie Aurum, Frankfurt, solo
V&V Vitrine, Vienna
1999 "Fur Dich-fur Mich", Hanau
Alice and Louis Koch
2010 Nevertheless magazine, Vienna
2008 Compendium finale, darling publications
2007 500 wedding rings, Lark books